ISBN: 978-3-903497-00-9

2761 Things My Inner Entrepreneur Would’ve Liked to Know Sooner


Invest in your success! This set is aimed at aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to help their business achieve (even more) growth and success. A total of 10 books with a complete length of around 3,000 pages cover passive income, body language, rhetoric, manipulation, marketing, personal development, business ideas, social media, growth hacking, distribution and sales, e-commerce with online stores as well as happiness, success, love and money in life.

In short, everything you need to be successful in today’s world.

● All 10 books by Marco Perner
● White slipcase with black hot foil stamping
● High-quality cover with hot foil stamping and partial UV varnishing
● Signed thank you card included
● Total book length around 3,000 pages

Contents of the complete set:

● 100 Ideas for Automated, Passive Income – More time, money, vacation, leisure and life
ISBN 978-3-903497-01-6

● 75 Rules of Body Language, Rhetoric and Manipulation – Convince, influence and win over conversation partners
ISBN 978-3-903497-07-8

● 50 Effective, Profitable Marketing Strategies – More awareness, more customers, more sales
ISBN 978-3-903497-03-0

● 250 Success Tips for Your Own Personal Development – More success, more happiness, more to live for
ISBN 978-3-903497-06-1

● The Book of 1000 Business Ideas – Innovative ideas for building startups, companies, online stores and apps
ISBN 978-3-903497-02-3

● 750 Tips and Tricks for Social Media – Marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Co.
ISBN 978-3-903497-08-5

● 10 Disciplines With Numerous Tips and Tricks for Growth Hacking – Strategies for more sales and success
ISBN 978-3-903497-05-4

● 25 Phases and Principles for Successful Distribution and Selling – From the acquisition to the closing
ISBN 978-3-903497-04-7

● 500 Steps to Your Own Profitable Online Store – Sales and customers on order
ISBN 978-3-903497-09-2

● 1 Life – How to attract luck, success, love and money
ISBN 978-3-903497-10-8


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