ISBN: 978-3-903497-01-6

100 Ideas for Automated, Passive Income – More time, money, vacation, leisure and life

If you trade your time for money, you will always put a limit on yourself. In this book are 100 ideas and strategies to make the factors of time and money independent of each other – as well as to be financially free. The described methods for passive income thereby range from low to high starting capital, from easy to difficult realization and from slow to fast implementation time. So be warned – the pages inside this book could possibly change your life forever. Provided that you desire a positive change and are willing to start on a journey far away from the comfort zone. Now it all comes down to one question: When does your adventure begin?

When does your adventure begin?

● 100 inventive and proven business ideas
● Each idea with graphic illustration of the structure
● Including templates for notes and own ideas
● Total book length 248 pages


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