ISBN: 978-3-903497-02-3

The Book of 1000 Business Ideas – Innovative ideas for building startups, companies, online stores and apps

Just as in baking, good recipes and selected ingredients play a decisive role in success when it comes to brainstorming. After all, good concepts don’t fall from the rolling pin.

This book contains 1000 business ideas to boost your own creativity and spark the innovation.

In addition to ideas for traditional businesses, there are also many concepts for lucrative online stores, in-demand services, crowdfunding campaigns, scalable startups, and helpful apps – a journey through just about everything the past and, in some cases, the future business world has to offer us.

Are you in?

● 1000 innovative business ideas and concepts in all industries
● Each idea with a short description – ideal for sparking your own creativity
● Includes templates for notes and your own ideas
● Total book length 316 pages


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