ISBN: 978-3-903497-04-7

25 Phases and Principles for Successful Distribution and Selling – From the acquisition to the closing

Even if your own products or services are as good as they may be, in most cases they do not sell themselves. To do this, it needs salespeople who can attract prospects and lead through the sales process to the purchase decision.

In this book, we go through 25 important stages that guarantee lucrative sales and distribution in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors. Together, we look at the fundamental attitudes and useful skills of top salespeople and how to acquire them yourself to lead even difficult sales conversations and indecisive prospects with ease to the closure of the deal.

Are you ready for your own personal sales success?

● 25 important phases in distribution and sales
● Each phase with graphic illustration of the structure
● Includes templates for notes and your own tactics
● Total book length 216 pages


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