ISBN: 978-3-903497-08-5

750 Tips and Tricks for Social Media – Marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Co.

Nowadays, more and more companies are discovering social networks as a profitable advertising channel. As an unavoidable result, the same picture is emerging on almost every social media platform: very strong competition, low visibility and a fierce battle for the attention and favor of the users. To still inspire and excite them, you have to become a distinctive brand – both as a company and as a person.

This book contains valuable tips and tricks for building and maintaining a thriving community and attracting customers on today’s most popular social networks, using both unpaid and paid measures.

Are you ready for success on social media?

● 750 tips and tricks for social media
● With over 100 post ideas for your own content
● Includes templates for notes and your own strategies
● Total book length 334 pages


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